About Us

Cardinal Entertainment Studios
State of the Art Facility

Located at 166 Jan Smut Avenue, Rosebank, South Africa. Cardinal Entertainment Recording Studios is a beautiful state-of-the-art recording facility that allows you to record your project in a relaxed, creative, and in a secure environment.


The Control Room::

Our air-conditioned control room is both spacious and acoustically designed. The room has been treated with various absorbers and bass traps to provide an accurate mixing environment. This means you know your mix will sound great both in the recording studio and when your CD is played on other systems. Comfortable sofa and lines of sight to both the live room and the isolation booth.

The Live Room::

The Cardinal Entertainment Studios features a live room which can accommodate large groups of musicians. The acoustics in this room are world-class and this makes a huge difference to the quality of the recorded sound. In the lively end of the room drums sound huge and vibrant and the dead end provides a more intimate sound. The room is fully isolated and excellent sight lines to the control room and isolation booth

The Isolation Booth::

The recording studio isolation booth has been designed to be acoustically dead. It can be used for vocals or for isolation of amps during live tracking and sight lines to both the control room and live room.

The Artist Lounge::

To ensure maximum comfort while recording at The Cardinal Entertainment Studios, all our clients have access to our lounge area. The lounge area includes;

Comfortable Leather Sofas

32″ LCD TV

Fully Fitted Kitchen

Breakfast Bar on Request

Toilet with Shower

Wireless Service